Q1 2013 EP

by Postmortem Panty Raiders

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released March 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Postmortem Panty Raiders Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Afterbirth, It's What's for Dinner
Snuck into the hospital, went directly to maternity
Ransack the delivery room, for a tasty snack!

Found a bag of afterbirth, my stomach starts to rumble
Jerked off to make the sauce, made a yummy placenta pasta
Track Name: Disembowled With a Garden Shovel
Minding the garden, weeds are everywhere
Fell on your stomach, but the shovel was there
Ripped through your intestines
Stopped just before the spine

Lying there screaming and bleeding to death
Hounds smell your blood easily from miles
Circling you watching you, waiting to dig in
Nothing can save you as you're eaten alive
Track Name: Dead Hobo and the Putrescence Show
Takin' a stroll downtown (Downtown)
Heard there was a show (At the albert where else)
There may be a sweet band (Maybe it's putrescence)

Gonna go and check it out

Turned down an alley (It smells like a filthy morgue)
Something caught my eye (A dirty fucking hobo)
I walked up to her slowly (So I wouldn't wake her up)

Pulling out my rusty box cutter

Perforate the jugular
Slit her emaciated gut open
Dip my dick in stomach acid
Jerk it off into her throat

Checked out the show (Putrescence sucked)
Hung out outside (This story's really lame)
Need to get a burger (A human burger)

Where's a cab when you need one

Got home at 3am (3am)
Put it on discovery (Shark week rules)
I need to take a shower (Fucking dirty hobo)

My crotch is burning from the stomach acid!
Track Name: Subtropical Avian Feast Gore-Gasm
Going to the beach, got the cars top down
Lady by my side, rotting in the wind
We've been going steady for weeks
We met at a funeral...

Shes wearing her favorite sun dress
It absorbs the smell of her carcass
Trying to get romantic
As the birds swoop down for a feast
Track Name: Escaped Convict Sex Change
Escaped from San Quenton
Dug a hole with a spoon
I need a disguise
But all I have is a chainsaw

Found an abandoned house
I know my only option
Shaking as i drop my pants
Point the chainsaw to my dick

Blood is flowing steady
Chunks of junk all over
The disguise is really working
No one can tell I was a man

Cauterized wounds still bleed
Critically injured
Fell down, unconcious
Bled to death cockless